If you are a web developer or have a position that heavily involves web development duties, you know how important it is to keep your coding skills sharp. By utilizing these five easy tips for bettering your development skills, you can be sure to stay on top of your game and continue to remain competitive in the industry.

1. Practice Every Single Day

There’s a reason one of the cardinal rules of improving any skill is to practice, practice and practice again. Coding is no exception, and one of the easiest ways to achieve better web development skills is to make sure you are coding every day. If your career position involves daily coding this tip should be easy to follow, but playing on the side will let you make and correct mistakes without fear of retribution.

2. Don’t Burn Yourself Out

Although this sounds like a direct contradiction to the first tip, taking regular breaks can actually help improve your productivity. If you notice you’re becoming sloppy in your coding or under additional stress, take a break even if you have to add it to your schedule.

3. Try Out a New Skill

If you don’t want to become complacent in your web development, take on the challenge of building a new skill. Online tutorials can help you try your hand at a different area of coding than you use daily, which can be a nice change of pace and help prevent burnout.

4. Take On a Side Project

Contributing to other projects on the side can help build your skills, since you will be using your talents in a way that you aren’t used to in a typical day. You also have the opportunity for collaboration with individuals and can bounce ideas off of one another. Having a new set of eyes on your code can lead to skill improvement that you didn’t know you needed.

5. Teach Your Skills to Others

A great way to reinforce your knowledge while at the same time discovering your own knowledge gaps is to teach others what you know. During the teaching process, you may discover weak areas in your own skillset and can then strive to improve in those specific areas.

Web development skills should always be an evolving knowledge base, so taking the time to hone your skills can help you improve both in your career and in your personal coding aspirations.