The effectiveness of your company’s online marketing strategy relies on getting potential customers to view the information you provide for them. Part of this strategy’s success has always involved the process of website backlinking. In the past, backlinks were often overused and low-quality. Modern marketing techniques involve a much higher backlink quality, so learning new strategies for increasing the number of backlinks should be part of your online marketing focus.

1. Work With Established Bloggers

One way to drive readers to your site is to work with individuals who are already established. If you have a product to promote, offer product samples in exchange for reviews. If you use this strategy, be sure to provide background information on your company so the blogger feels comfortable with the product and your company’s vision.

2. Become a Guest

Another way to work with established bloggers is to provide a guest post. If you find a blog that aligns with your company, prepare a pitch for a guest post to introduce your product and your company. Many companies use this strategy, so expect that not all blog owners will be receptive and plan to pitch to a number of different sites.

3. Provide a Valuable Resource

If your website has valuable information that can be helpful to customers of other companies, offer up your company’s blog or information to other companies as an expert resource in exchange for a backlink to the page. If you choose this strategy, make sure the information you provide as a resources is both current and high-quality for the greatest impact.

4. Show Your Expertise

If you spend time on social media or other online forums, taking the time to assist individuals with their questions related to your industry can be a way to connect with potential customers while providing assistance. Instead of coming across as spam, answers with quality content can help out readers while still driving traffic to your site.

5. Become Included on Directories

Many online lists for products and services drive potential customers to companies, so taking the time to make sure your company is listed on sites such as Yelp or Angie’s List can be an essential part of your online marketing. There are additional industry-specific lists that can be even more helpful for your marketing strategy, so a little research can go a long way.

Increasing the backlinks to your company’s website is an important part of your online marketing strategy, but modern marketing professionals stress the importance of high-quality backlinking to help improve the perception of your company.