Many people like to start out the year with personal goals. Why not set some goals for SEO? There’s always room for improvement, and creating concrete objectives is key to seeing significant gains. To give you some ideas, here are nine SEO goals for the new year.

1. Make Storytelling a Priority

Internet users value a well-crafted story, even about topics considered mundane. Story-telling makes ideas accessible to users and helps you form a connection.

2. Satisfy Clients

Obviously, you want to make your customers happy, but how long has it been since you’ve sat down and looked at how to do that? Take some time to learn the clients’ goals. Really knowing your clients is crucial to delivering quality work.

3. Optimize Links

Are any of your links broken? How many backlinks did you get last year? Focus on identifying and fixing any links that no longer work while creating valuable content to up your number of backlinks.

4. Keep Up With New Technology

As new devices and social media platforms hit the market, you’ll need to adjust your approach to SEO. For example, mobile devices now make up a majority of searches, which means you need to keep mobile users in mind when designing content layout. You can keep an eye on new tech by subscribing to websites and newsletters focused on gadgets.

5. Get and Stay Organized

This one is easier said than done, but being organized makes everything easier on a fundamental level. It’s not just your office that could use an overhaul either; go through your computer and backup, delete or reorganize documents, Excel sheets and anything else cluttering up your desktop.

6. Improve Loading Speed

Users don’t appreciate waiting around for pages to load. In fact, slow loading creates a negative impression that may send customers looking elsewhere. You can do yourself a major favor by optimizing your site to load faster.

7. Learn About Voice Search

Voice search is one of those technology updates that made SEO professionals rethink their strategies. You should do some research to see if you’re taking full advantage of these apps.

8. Monitor Algorithm Updates and Trends

SEO lives and dies by the algorithm, so make sure you’re on top of official and unofficial updates. Otherwise, your pages could suffer without you even knowing.

9. Develop Your Personal Brand

As you work toward these SEO goals, don’t forget to also think of your personal brand. As an industry, SEO work goes through a lot of changes, but one thing that doesn’t change is the impact a great personal brand can make.