Jim Lehr and Whistle Media

Jim LehrAt Whistle Media, our marketing team brings over 75 years of combined experience in digital marketing to your projects. We have worked for nationally-recognized internet marketing firms and have extensive experience in B2B and B2C marketing.

Our leadership team leverages strategic and tactical experience in website design and implementation, search engine optimization (SEO), digital paid research, social media marketing, content marketing, end email marketing, as well as branding and strategic planning. Regardless of your community’s size, we approach each project by understanding your goals and your return investment as our primary objectives.

Jim Lehr is the president and founder of Whistle Media.  He grew up in Indiana and graduated from Ball State with a BA in Marketing in 1998. After 20 years of sales and marketing experience, Jim saw a real need in the market place to help small to medium sized business market themselves at the same level as their bigger rivals. He enjoys developing strategic solutions to meet his clients business goals and needs.

Among many of Jim’s accomplishments, Jim is also Google Certified from their Digital Marketing Digital Garage Training Program.

google digital garage certification

Our team consists of experts with vast experience across multiple industries. Several members possess well over 15 years and combined, our team holds 100 years of digital and traditional marketing experience. Key members of our team are Google Partner certified and have trained directly at Google in their exclusive Google Elevator Program*. Many are Google Analytics certified and have been for more than 8 years.

google certifications

* Google Elevator is a digital agency program that works with the leadership of selected digital agencies and professionals that demonstrate high performance for their clients and show the capabilities of rapid growth and an expanding client base.