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A Classic and Effective Marketing Tool

The continued rise and use of smart phones has brought email back to the forefront of brand awareness strategies. With an average 4,200% ROI, the question is: why aren’t you maximizing your email campaigns? Call us today and let’s get a steady (but reasonable) stream of emails into your customers’ inboxes in a meaningful way.

With all the online marketing tools available, email is still an effective way to reach out to your customer base. With help from a skilled marketing team, you can break through all the concerns about spam and unwanted messaging to develop a streamlined and powerful marketing campaign. Use our email marketing services to bring the following benefits to your business:

  • Effectively reach out to loyal customers
  • Enhance social media marketing and content marketing
  • Reduce advertising costs

Marketing that Makes Sense

Not all business owners prioritize website development or a social media presence, but most want a way to reach customers in an efficient and personalized manner. You can use email marketing services to develop newsletter distribution lists and to attract customers who prefer targeted online campaigns over social media outreach. When used wisely, email marketing cultivates a customer base that feels connected to your business and is eager to stay informed.

Tips for Success

Regular and respectful communication is paramount. Maintain an email schedule that keeps your customers in the loop without overwhelming them, and keep the content focused and relevant. It may help to prepare your communications in advance and schedule their releases. This ensures that customers get the information in a timely manner without information overload. Allow Whistle Media to help you coordinate your email campaign for greater success.

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