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What if Prospects could listen to multiple Radio Style Interviews about specific aspects of your business?

What if Prospects could hear Clients discuss success using your business, as the “Radio Style” Interviewer is guiding the conversation and inserting facts about your business?

Introducing Voices Live On, an Interviewing Service Partner who can help your business create a Library of Marketing Content ready to use with in 48 hours, and keep using forever!

4 Ways Voices Live On can Help:

  1. Business Interviews – Guiding Conversations creating emotional content segments…Clients discussing customer experience and success, Business History, & Steps to Success. Your Product & Service Descriptions, Staff Success Stories with Clients, Staff personal history and passion for the company.
  2. Appreciation Interviews – used to entertain and boost employee morale, thank employees, and show client appreciation.
  3. Life Stories and appreciation interviews for employee families – Seniors, Spouse Appreciation, Parents & Children future goals, and family members appreciation.
  4. Event Interviews – From Client Appreciation Parties, Employee Luncheons, Team Building Events.

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  1. Interview Segments are Privately Backed up and hosted in Cloud Services.
  2. Segment Links can attach to multiple forms of Digital Media at the same time.
    (Email Campaigns | Social Media Posts | Websites | SEO Posts | Texts | Link to web addresses to be showcased in print media)

Businesses can also Sponsor a person’s life story for their family. A great way to appreciate veterans in your family.

Business receives a thank you interview from the person sponsored…to be showcased in outbound marketing.
Showcase One per Month!

Radio style Audio is affordable and Video is an option.

Contact their Founder directly and learn more:
Sean Kurker 317.514.5321 or SeanKurker.VoicesLiveOn@gmail.com

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& Spoken By Clients Testimonials http://www.voicesliveon.com/testimonials.html

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